Cyber Criminals Have Infiltrated The Online Advertising Ecosystem

Lack of understanding of ad fraud behaviour is leading to newer more advanced fraud schemes to go undetected while defrauding billions of dollars from honest and legitimate advertisers

500 Million Machines Infected Each Year

Botnets are thriving as more consumers are coming online and as cyber criminals look for new venues to monetize their resources. The shift towards the Online advertising ecosystem has already started with new fraud schemes emerging each day with new capabilities geared towards defrauding advertisers and the ecosystem as a whole.

Billions of Dollars Lost to Ad Fraud

Cyber criminals are targeting the online advertising ecosystem and its advertisers as a medium to launder botnet traffic. Advertisers are losing billions of dollars due to publishers who are willingly or unwillingly increasing page and impression views across their domains using botnet generated traffic.

Advertisers are Losing Their Targets

As botnets penetrate advertising campaigns and as campaign data is skewed towards bot behaviour, advertisers must focus and optimize their products and services on human actions not bot behaviour. Business decisions made based on this skewed data is affecting advertisers in more ways than one.

The Next Generation Fraud Detection Platform for Digital Advertisers

Sentrant's proprietary patent pending technology proactively protects your advertising campaigns from online fraudsters

Built By Security Experts for advertisers

Developed on years of leading-edge research in combating botnet activity, our detection algorithms are an industry first. We live and breath security to protect your campaigns.

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Real-time Proactive Protection

We monitor your ad campaigns in real-time to proactively stop fraud. Our sophisticated detection algorithms leave no room for guessing or false positives.

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100's of Behavioural Signatures

We devise hundreds of unique behavioural signatures to mitigate fraudulent users from your ad campaigns. We learn their schemes and use it against them.

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Fraud Is Affecting Your Advertising Campaigns

Sentrant's unique visibility and approach in identifying fraudsters throughout the online fraud ecosystem has enabled it to protect its customers against sophisticated schemes. Our research labs continue to monitor emerging threats targeting legitimate advertisers while devising necessary protection mechanisms against it.


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