• Posted by Hadi Shiravi 30 Jan

New Brunswick Benefits from Partnership with Ara Labs Botnet Protection

ECO-OCIO Security Event Management Center is in process of partnering with a UNB start-up located in the National Research Council building, Ara Labs, through a Collaborative Research Agreement – leveraging GNB security needs to help a local start-up company.

Ara Labs has researched and developed an advanced threat intelligence platform utilizing Big Data Analytics. This platform is used to target/crunch/correlate billions of malware / botnet artifacts generated in real-time via intelligence generating components including the Automated Malware Analysis Engine and the Botnet Infiltration System.

This partnership will mean New Brunswick will be one of the first provinces to have Botnet Protection in Canada.


Currently, Ara Labs Advanced threat intelligence platform consists of two components: A unique automated Malware Analysis Engine and an innovative Botnet Infiltration System.

GNB has created in 2012 a Security Event Monitoring Center (SEMC) in the Office of the CIO. Its main purpose is to continually monitor and improve the Government’s Cyber Infrastructure security posture.

ARA Labs innovative approach to threat detection will add another line of defence against cyber-attacks. Through a Research Collaboration, the two organizations will seek to improve each other’s offerings. ARA Labs will look outside-in and provide valuable information about the malicious world in cyberspace while the SEMC will use this information to complement what it finds looking inside-out in monitoring internal cyber assets.