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Sentrant Uncovers Digital Media Fraud Through Comprised Apps and App SDKs Affecting Major Exchange

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The official press release document is accessible from here.

Feb 8, 2016, Fredericton New Brunswick

Sentrant Security uncovers ongoing mobile in-app advertising fraud scheme estimated at over $250,000 per day. The scheme involves over 20 shell companies, 247 apps, affecting over 500,000 installs on consumer’s Android devices. In addition to compromised apps, the fraudsters have inserted their ad code into a version of the MoPub software development kit (SDK), which they are integrating into these compromised apps.

Addictive Mobility in their aim to provide premium in-app mobile inventory accurately flags fraudulent traffic which Sentrant Security analyses to understand the origin, nature and scope of the malware. “We discovered it’s a sophisticated scheme of shell companies infiltrating apps, software development kits (SDKs) and a major mobile ad exchange”, says Ehsan Mokhtari, CTO of Sentrant. “In this custom approach to data sharing with Addictive Mobility we were able to uncover the extent
of the breach.”

Sentrant’s approach is to work with industry leading companies, apply a security focus to partner’s data streams, uncover the most sophisticated fraud schemes and share the detailed findings with those in power to close the exploit. “The most important part of being a good player is to share the Indicators of Compromise with the industry”, says Al Dillon, CEO of Sentrant. “It takes more time to vet the code and publish but it’s worth demonstrating the problem, things get fixed.”

Advertisers and their agencies want to work with mobile media partners that implement ongoing surveillance of apps to uncover malicious schemes. To scale and automate anti-fraud protection across hundreds if not thousands of apps requires dedicated capabilities. Sentrant Security has developed a collaborative program enabling data sharing and verification with industry
leaders. By tracking malware creators early and throughout the supply chain they are able to work pro-actively to close exploits in use.

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About Sentrant:

Sentrant Security Inc is pioneering online fraud detection and mitigation with industry leading products in its anti-fraud portfolio. Sentrant is an expert in profiling human and non-human behavior on the internet and leveraging the associated intelligence to guarantee positive human interaction in the digital advertising eco-system. Their Certified Human Reach product guarantees that advertisers, publishers and e-commerce platforms are dealing with real humans in their environments in real-time. The approach results in quality human interaction with real human viewability. Sentrant collaborates with industry groups and law enforcement to engage the fraudsters where it hurts them most by eliminating their revenue sources from the digital advertising industry and ensuring real value in digital campaigns. Sentrant offers the industry an anti-fraud solution, based on advanced cyber intelligence, for display, video and mobile.

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About Addictive Mobility:

Addictive Mobility is a Canadian-based mobile in-app advertising technology company that works with Fortune 500 brands. The company’s platform delivers brand engagement, lifts awareness, and provides transparent data and deep insights required for clients to run successful mobile in-app ad campaigns. Addictive Mobility’s cutting-edge mobile programmatic platform, proprietary optimization techniques, and global premium inventory reaches millions of unique users on mobile devices through world-class engaging and experiential creative. The company has offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Dubai and can be found on the web at addictivemobility.com

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